I was extremely impressed with the whole experience when dealing with 11. Very professional whilst still been friendly and open."

I have been through several of your competitors, and I must say I was very happy with the service I received. By comparison to others, 11 offers an outstanding experience with the friendly and professional office attitude. The impression is that the workers are very happy with their jobs which results in a feeling that they will do their best for you. It was a pleasure!"

I couldn't have been happier."

I was very impressed with the process-driven, paperless approach adopted by 11."

Excellent and professional service and attention at all times, really impressed with the high quality received compared to your competitors."

Has changed my perception as I hadn't had great experiences before. I like the colour choice for your branding; perfect for your image and I believe represents your culture well."

Your service was very professional and I was most impressed. It was nice not have to wait around and your computer software was very easy to understand and saved a lot of time and paperwork which I have experienced else where. I would recommend your services to anyone!"

I was very impressed with the service that I received yesterday at 11. My consultant was friendly and interested in what I had to say and carried out the meeting in a very professional way. Compared to other organisations that I have visited I felt it was a lot less stressful due to the friendly nature of everyone that I met and the organised way in which the meeting was carried out."

I cannot give all 10's as this would make you too perfect... :-) "

Everyone I have dealt with at 11 has displayed a very friendly professional manner. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company."

Thank you for your professionalism and commendable customer service!"

I was extremely impressed with both the software at 11. The registration process was straight-forward, easy to follow, and obtained all the relevant information needed without asking any irrelevant questions, and the meeting process was very thorough, as well as the consultant getting a clear picture of the my job history and experience. Parking was also quite accessible close to the premises which was great, especially considering the weather on the day of my meeting!"

I left the meeting positive, and that both the client and I are cared for."

I would like to say that 11 is the best that I have been through. Something definitely has to be said for your promptness and professional level that you conduct yourselves."

Special thanks to my consultant - she got back to me as soon as she heard anything and was so helpful. I have recommended you to my current employer, and I will do if anybody else asks."

I found the self registering system a lot quicker and you do get tired of handwriting forms after a while, this way it is logged on a lot quicker into your databases, the same applied to the questionnaire. Staff were very informative as well. No complaints."

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